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Our Services - Property Management & concierge

The services we provide are fully tailored towards our client´s specific requirements. At Lavish we understand the importance of detail - taking gentle care and preserving every aspect of a one-of-a-kind home is a rigorous task. We know how to do it, so let us simplify your life.

We only collaborate with the very best experts in each field, and our understanding of the prestigious framework and material of your property allows us to grant outstanding service.

You may either be out of town for most part and require our support or live permanently in the Lisbon region and need high quality service standards - Lavish is here to fulfill your needs.



We will visit your property regularly to ensure everything is perfect for your arrival. We can arrange for any requests;  be it a delicious dinner, a greetings snack, a bouquet of flowers... Just let us know - you can easily contact us for these requests.


Hospitality and Concierge

You may need someone to cook for you, or to be provided with deluxe catering while you are home. Perhaps you need a trusted nanny for your children, or you would like to be driven around by a chauffeur. We work only with the finest third-party partners whom we put full trust on. 



With acute and detailed care, a highly trustful team of outsourced professionals will ensure your home is kept clean and tidy. Your bed linen will always be fresh and new. All sorts of  laundry services can be arranged.


On-call support, advice  and Information

Our team will always be here for you. If you have an emergency or need immediate support for any issues, you can count on us.

We also have a broad understanding about the best places in Lisbon. Just ask us!


    Property Maintenance
                 and Checks

We will keep your home free of any issues so you do not have to worry upon your arrival - and your stay. Keeping your pool immaculate, your garden freshly cut, or your plants watered might just be some of your requirements. Our team will conduct regular inspections so that you can relax and enjoy your property.


   Property Renovations    and refurbishments

We have a solid network of high-grade developers for home renovations. We can manage any renovations or extensions you want to your beautiful property.


Mailbox Watching

We will serve as your very own post service, sending all necessary documents directly to wherever you are.


Key holding

We will keep your property keys for safeguard and ensure every aspect of your home is perfect. We can also keep an eye on security systems - handling security alarms and visiting your property if needed.


Rent and tenant management

In case you are interested in yielding some money whilst you are away from your property - We will handle all aspects - from advertising to managing payments. Lay back and let your property work for you.

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