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What are the classiest neighborhoods to live in the Lisbon district?

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

We´ve compiled a series of neighborhoods that top the charts of Lisbon´s classiest, trendiest, and most appealing locations for luxury homes - according to Forbes and Lisbon Lux.

Lisbon is, and has been for the past few years, a hotspot for premium luxury properties – ranging from centuries old, refurbished buildings to stylish and modern condominiums. The city never seems to disappoint us when it comes to unique properties and exclusive one-of-a-kind locations.


Chiado is perhaps one of the most sophisticated and vibrant neighborhoods of the city - known for its boutique hotels, fancy restaurants, and a variety of shopping options. Most of the housing here will be refurbished, expensive, and high-end apartments and buildings.

Principe Real

Principe Real is a charming upscale neighborhood with a few specialty shops, concept stores, and gourmet restaurants lined through its main street. Not quite as lively and touristy as Chiado - it is a great location for those fashionable residents that love the trendy and concept lifestyle.


Lapa is known for being an “old-money” classy neighborhood in Lisbon filled with large mansions, palaces, and embassies. This location might just have some of the most impressive views of the river. A few minutes away is the Santos neighborhood which has recently emerged as a hotspot for restaurants and shops.

Parque das Nações

Parque das Nações is a state-of-the-art neighborhood that was redeveloped in the 90´s and is known for its contemporary architectural landmarks. It is mainly a high-end nouveau riche residential area and business district where new development projects are common - the neighborhood is also home to various well-known restaurants.


Cascais has long been seen as the European nobility’s summer refuge since the second world war. Originally, it started as a traditional fishing village, but the municipality has developed into a fusion of elegant heritage and modern lifestyle – boasting a huge variety of enjoyable activities and sights. This stylish neighborhood is only a 30-minute ride from the Lisbon city center.

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