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We take care of

Your Lisbon Property

as if it were our own.

Luxury Property Management in Portugal  -Your solution for a better life 

Lavish distinguishes itself as the only Property Management company in Lisbon focused exclusively on unique luxury residences and offering fully personalized services matching the customer´s specifications.


Since no two properties are the same, we harness a tailor-made management style, providing professional assistance to care for your home as though it were our own.  


Quick-to-respond, efficient, and aware of the particular needs of each client, we are an agile team with extensive knowledge in hassle-free service management. Our mission is to convey unparalleled trust and to create prosperous and long-lasting ties with those who choose Lavish.


Unique services for one-of-a-kind properties.

Property Management
 "We´ve adapted the traditional notion of high-end services for contemporary society."


Our focus is with your lifestyle - we provide you with hotel-style services within the comforts of your home. By prioritizing the value of time, we remove all boundaries that may be faced when searching for specific services which you require at your property.

Making the most of your Lisbon home is by relaxing and enjoying every moment, while we handle the tedious and boring tasks that.

need to be done.

Why Lavish is your option - the ultimate luxury lifestyle.

Having Lavish as your Property Manager will impress you every day.

By exceeding the expectations of what comfort is, Lavish will be your immediate support before you arrive, as you arrive, when you leave, and after you leave the city. Our team aims at fulfilling your every need, so we provide 24/7 assistance just as a butler would.

Our unique management style makes us the wisest option for someone who is looking for hassle-free, tailor-made, and hotel-style service where transparency is key. Therefore, we can say that choosing Lavish is choosing to invest on your property, and investing in your quality of life.


Tailor-made Management for your unique property


On-call Support, Advice, and information


Hospitality, maintenance, and Concierge

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